Make an Impact with Independent Retailer Month

As a locally owned business, we can truly appreciate the need to market and promote the brand of the independent retailer in a "big box store" kind of world and, of course, we all know the challenges that come along with it.

Celebrating Independence in Business

Independent Retailer Month launched for these very reasons. This event got its start when two separate organizations found their interests aligned regarding individual promotions they had begun to advance the success of independent retailers. They came together and created a global campaign in 2011 they coined as Independent Retailer Month.

How Does Independent Retailer Month help the Community?

According to the organization’s website, if every family in the U.S. spent an extra $10/month at locally owned, independent business instead of a nationwide chain, more than $9.3 billion would be directly returned to the local economies.

When you spend $1, you create $5 to $14 in value within your local community. Shopping with an independent retailer supports local traders, their suppliers and the people they depend on to run their businesses.

Buying from an independent retailer boots your local economy, rebuilding confidence in the community, enabling local businesses to prosper and grow.

How Can my Business Benefit from Independent Retailer Month?

There are many ways you can make a positive impact with Independent Retailer Month. To help get you started, check out this comprehensive article that Rieva Lesonsky wrote for She offers some great insights, as well as some professional tips and tricks on how to leverage this event for both your business and your local community.

The more we invest in the independent retailers, the more significant impact we can make in our local communities – and it is never too late to get started! Thanks to the collaborative efforts put forth by the team who launched Independent Retailer Month, smaller local retailers can gain access to promotional marketing materials that they might not be able to produce otherwise.

You can download resources for this July promotion from the company’s website. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and find available assets from a high-quality logo, to in-store promotional posters, and much more.

This is Madness! How do I simplify the process?

If you find yourself with questions or in need of hands-on assistance to implement this promotion at your store, then give us a call! We’re always available and happy to help businesses pave their way towards further success.

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