We had a crazy idea that an ad agency can adapt their service model to meet the needs of each business... and out of that idea, THINK Media was born. Whatever stage of growth your business is in, we can provide solutions specifically tailored to your current needs. Whether you're looking for a full-service agency or just information on demand — at THINK Media, we've got you covered!

Full-Service Agency:

Are you ready for an agency to handle your graphics, design, marketing, and advertising? It's more affordable than you might think! Give us a call today to schedule a meeting and we can work with you to determine your best options.

Information on Demand: 

Do you have specific projects or areas of interest that you want to research for yourself or your employees? Schedule a call with us for a one time cost and you can send us all the materials you'd like to cover in advance. We'll make the best use of your time and money to help you navigate these areas and assist in providing a better, more detailed foundation of knowledge in the areas of your request.

Talk Shop™ — THINK Media Marketing Forums:

Are you interested in brainstorming with us and fellow business owners? Contact us today to find out more information regarding a low cost, information sharing platform that helps empower you to make better marketing and advertising decisions.




Mara Francis

Strategy & Accounts 

"The key to a good business relationship is knowing what the benefits are for everyone involved"

Mara has over 25 years experience in Media and Information Technology. With her background, she's able to effectively navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising and beyond. This and her extreme attention to detail make her the perfect person to run our strategy department!

Karen Ferguson

Content & Development

"People buy from who they like and trust and a website offers unlimited space to put your best foot forward. Internet communication campaigns that help people know you build a path toward like and trust"

Karen calls on over 20 years of experience creating commercial art and responsive text to produce specialized internet communication programs that introduce our clients to those who seek their service and keep them top of mind. 

Tyrone Randall

Graphic Design

Award-Winning Designer, Tyrone Randall, has over 25 years of experience in the field of Graphic Design and Marketing. He has held titles with prestigious firms as Vice President of Creative Services, Creative Director, and Corporate Promotion Art Director.

Tyrone is a graduate of Parsons The New York School for Design in New York City. He resides in West Palm Beach and enjoys spending his time gardening and cooking.

Alberto Lastra

Creative & Production

Alberto has been lending his creative eye to the advertising industry for over 35 years now. He has planned, created and managed campaigns for a multitude of large national clients; focusing on increasing the impact of their multicultural efforts in Latin American countries and the US.


He's a proud husband and father to two amazing sons. In his spare time, he enjoys music and writing. 


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